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Zapatillas baño

Zapatillas Spa
Desde: €2.00 (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas Flip Flop
Desde: 1.98€ (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas calidad lujo Ritz
Desde: 4.09€ (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas calidad ejecutiva
Desde: €4.65 (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas Spa Superior
Desde: 6.48€ (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas calidad waffle de lujo
Desde: 10.50€ (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas Waffle Calidad Boutique
Desde: €14.25 (IVA incluido)
Zapatillas de lana
Desde: 4.09€ (IVA incluido)
Spa closed toe Tartan Slippers
Desde: 3.41€ (IVA incluido)

Put your feet up in a pair of our super luxurious cotton slippers every night and let your toes wiggle in delight! No matter what your shoe size, or slipper taste, we are sure to have something your feet can nestle into. But why stop there, why not add extra comfort to your morning and evening by choosing one of our cotton bathrobes to match. 

At King of Cotton our team of experts can advise you on buying the perfect slippers and explain the main differences between the styles of slippers we offer.  This will ensure you reach the best decision for your needs and get the slippers your feet deserve.


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