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Champú, Gel y loción en dispensadores 300ml
Desde: 3.41€ (IVA incluido)
Set de Viaje para Niños
Desde: 8.11€ (IVA incluido)
Monroe in Porcelain
Desde: 18.13€ (IVA incluido)
Bamboo Inspired Accessories
Desde: 15.89€ (IVA incluido)
Stoneware Collection
Desde: 11.86€ (IVA incluido)
Glamour en Porcelana
Desde: 11.59€ (IVA incluido)
Porcelain Pur Collection
Desde: 10.22€ (IVA incluido)
Desde: 12.34€ (IVA incluido)
Desde: 11.72€ (IVA incluido)
Porcelain Check in Silver
Desde: 15.34€ (IVA incluido)
Jabón tocador industrial
Desde: 16.15€ (IVA incluido)
Dosificador 300ml
Desde: 25.84€ (IVA incluido)
Soporte doble para dosificador 300 ml
Desde: 40.84€ (IVA incluido)
Par de manoplas de baño 100% algodón terry
Desde: 3.61€ (IVA incluido)
Spa Essential Mini Soap Gift Box
Desde: 7.49€ (IVA incluido)
Argan Meadow Bath and Body Set
Desde: 44.99€ (IVA incluido)
Desde: 7.50€ (IVA incluido)
Rattan Style Basket
Desde: 12.34€ (IVA incluido)

Toiletries are a mainstay in bathrooms all over the world and you'd be hard pressed to find one without any shampoo, bath oils or body scrub in. Here at King of Cotton we not only provide rejuvenating and soothing scrubs, perfumed body milks and bath & massage oils, but we also provide high quality bottle holders, ceremony gift box sets and travel boxes full of perfumed oils. 

We even have our own brand of toiletries – you're sure to love the SPA by King of Cotton range which provides people with great quality hand soap, bath & shower gel and shampoo & hair conditioner. The bottles look great in all bathrooms and show you love smelling and looking great. So why not put your feet up this weekend with a gorgeous pair of cotton slippers, a cotton bathrobe and hotel quality toiletries and have yourself a little spa day.


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